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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a State Fair in every state?

That’s right — Moline, Ill. resident Jim Kopel has been to a state fair in every single state. In 2008, he checked off his last two by attending the State Fair in Maine, flying home for a day — “to do some laundry” — and then flying cross-country to make the fair in Washington. What inspired this grand mission?

When are state fairs?

Those operations include one of the top attended fairs in the world, the Washington State Fair, which is held in September, the Washington State Spring Fair each April, Oktoberfest NW, Holiday Magic in December, as well as all interim rental activities that occur at the Washington State Fair Events Center throughout the year.

When is the Oregon State Fair?

— The Oregon State Fair, happening August 26 – September 5, has announced its 2022 concert lineup. Organizers say this year’s lineup at the L.B. Day Amphitheater includes:

Is there a State Fair in Iowa?

The internationally acclaimed Iowa State Fair is the single largest event in the state of Iowa and one of the oldest and largest agricultural and industrial expositions in the country. Annually attracting more than a million people from all over the world, the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines is Iowa’s great celebration, a salute to the state’s best in agriculture, industry, entertainment and achievement.

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