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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get the State Farm adjuster certification?

· The only way to become State Farm Certified as an independent adjuster is to attend the certification and testing events held by IA Firms that service State Farm. These events include a simulcast training event to prepare you for the in-person test. The Adjuster's Academy offers Audatex Software Training.

How much do State Farm claims adjusters earn?

The base salary for Claims Adjuster in companies like State Farm Insurance range from $51,057 to $64,572 with the average base salary of $57,457. The total cash compensation, which includes bonus, and annual incentives, can vary anywhere from $52,617 to $67,614 with the average total cash compensation of $59,535.

Does state Farm pay claims?

With Digital Pay, State Farm customers will now have greater flexibility in how they receive approved and reviewed auto and fire claims payments. This technology will give State Farm the ability to digitally disperse qualifying claims payments. In turn, our customers will have the ability to choose a payment method that best suits their needs.

How long does it take to settle a StateFarm claim?

The length of time it takes State Farm to settle a case will depend on the evaluation of the insurance agent. However, once you have sent in a claim, it will usually take only a few weeks for the insurance agent to read through it and make a decision on if he will honor or deny the claim.

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