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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of taking State Fund Accounting Course?

Successful completion of the State Fund Accounting Course is equivalent to credit for three semester hours toward the required accounting courses for accounting classifications. The SFAC is a “why-we-do-it” course and is designed to: Provide the transition between commercial and governmental accounting.

What can the State Fiscal Recovery Fund be used for?

The framework for the $27 billion Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund to help California build back a stronger, more equitable economy and address the disproportionate negative economic impacts of COVID-19 on low-wage sectors is summarized below. View a table of the full list of project allocations here:

What is the State Compensation Insurance Fund?

The State Compensation Insurance Fund ( State Fund) is a workers' compensation insurer that was created as a " public enterprise fund" by the U.S. state of California, [1] and today has partial autonomy from the rest of the state government.

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