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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a stick figure come to life?

By gently blowing on the puddle the stick figure will swish and dance around according to which way you blow on it. The final product may look like an intricate optical illusion, but the stick figure comes to life thanks to only a whiteboard marker, some water and a shiny surface.

What does stick figure mean?

stick figure. noun. 1 : a drawing showing the head of a human being or animal as a circle and all other parts as straight lines. 2 : a fictional character lacking depth and believability.

How do you draw a stick figure?

Try these steps to draw a figure facing right: Draw a head shape in a three-quarter view, as in (a) in the figure. Draw a straight line by counting down 7 heads. At 4 heads from the top, draw a horizontal line for the hips. Start the arm line below the stick figure’s actual head and have the arm hang straight down.

Who are the members of stick figure?

Stick Figure recently relocated to Southern California and has picked up three new members for the live band, Brendan Dane (San Diego) on bass, Todd Smith (San Clemente) on drums and Kevin Bong (San Diego) on keys. All are incredible musicians and are surely a great addition to the Stick Figure sound.

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