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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mytc?

Welcome to myTC – a secure online environment that provides personalized information and services that are important to each individual at Texarkana College. By signing into this one Web portal, you are able to access email, Moodle, and much more. In the future, you will see myTC grow and expand with many more features and services.

What is the TC alumni directory?

Linking TC’s 90,000 alumni worldwide, this directory is designed to help alumni grow their TC network and reconnect with old friends. TConnect allows alumni to: Build an online profile that includes educational and professional information

Why is mytc login not working?

myTC Login The login service was unable to identify a compatible way to respond to the requested application. This is generally due to a misconfiguration on the part of the application and should be reported to the application's support team or owner. For support, please email [email protected] call 212-678-3300

Where to give feedback to Tc Tc employment ethics reporting?

Website Feedback Give to TC TC Employment Ethics Reporting Site Public Safety Non-Discrimination Revised University Policy: Gender-Based Misconduct Legal Notices GDPR Notice Teachers College, Columbia University525 West 120th St. * New York, NY 10027 * 212-678-3000

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