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Frequently Asked Questions

Which password manager is the most secure?

Zoho Vault is one of the most secured online password manager available in the market. It leverages the host-proof-hosting technique - a secure, proven mechanism, which has undergone extensive testing by security experts and has found wide acceptance.

Do I really need a password manager?

You really should use a password manager. You’ll be able to keep track of your passwords without having to memorize them. Some password managers can also generate and change passwords for you in one click, as well as store other types of data like credit card information. A password manager also makes sharing your data with family and friends safer.

What is the best password?

A good password is a long random sequence of characters – letters, numbers and any “special characters”. “qicITcl}” is a good password. “rAg2imWOIgIf47IM24busml6kpetPF9UGRpPAFBMCoSmSTptbDcOxwcG3aPoa79” is a great password. The best passwords are made up of completely random characters and as long as you can make it.

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