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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the medieval banquet held?

The Medieval Banquet is held in the Victorian Ivory House built in 1852. This was one of the warehouses designed with extensive vaults to store luxury goods and these vaults are now the restaurant venue.

What happened to the medieval banquet in St Katherine's Docks?

The Medieval Banquet closed down in November 2020 after over 40 years. The owners of the building are now applying to renew their licence to bring something new to the site. Residents in St Katherine’s Docks have reacted furiously to the application and called on the council to reject it.

How did the medieval banquet affect anti-social behaviour?

Another who had lived in the town for 20 years said that the spectacle of rowdy groups in period costume contributed to the rise in anti-social behaviour there. The Medieval Banquet was an immersive dining hall near the Tower of London set in 1529 with a cast of medieval characters.

Where is the Ivory House banquet hall?

The banquet hall was part of the Ivory House building in the middle of the docks, which is shared with a number of flats. Another annoyed local said: “The front of my home regularly echoes to the sound of rowdy alcohol-fuelled groups wandering about the dock in the early hours of the morning.

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