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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hand therapy putty exercise?

This movement targets extension instead of flexion. Roll the putty out and wrap it around one finger while the finger is bent. Then, extend (straighten) the finger while using the putty to provide resistance. This is an advanced hand therapy putty exercise. If you struggle with this movement, try again in a few weeks.

What are TheraPutty exercises?

TheraPutty exercises Exercises for strengthening the muscles of the fingers, hand and forearm TheraPutty can be formed into the various illustrated shapes, providing a balanced exercise program. Strengthening opposing muscles maintains a delicate muscular balance which improves one’s dexterity and coordination.

What are the 9 basic putty exercises?

9 Basic Putty Exercises. 1. Finger Scissors: Place a ball of putty between two fingers and bring them together to “cut” the putty like you’re using scissors. 2. Fingertip Pinch: Place the ball of putty between your index finger, middle finger, and thumb and squeeze using your fingertips. 3.

How to make a donut with therapy putty?

Squeeze between your index finger and middle finger. Then your middle finger and ring finger. Then your ring finger and little finger. Roll the therapy putty out and wrap it around two fingers to form a donut shape. Then, spread your fingers apart. This resistance exercise focuses on extending the muscles that were flexed in the previous exercise.

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