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Frequently Asked Questions

What is toolkitcma?

ToolkitCMA is cloud-based Real Estate CMA Software that provides residential real estate professionals, from almost any Internet-connected device, using any of the latest popular web-browsers, to quickly and easily create proposals, marketing presentations with picture CMAs, and property flyers, for all listing and selling occasions.

Is toolkitcma right for your MLS?

Many of the large brokers like Coldwell Banker have adopted it as a brokerage-wide product offering. Being one of the more established products in the CMA space, they have a lot of MLS partnerships. If competitors don’t serve your MLS, ToolkitCMA very well might.

What are customization services in toolkitcma?

Customization services are available to create completely new branding or to add local company content to franchise presentations – as the customer prefers. A presentation manager utility in ToolkitCMA allows the company and individual agents to add custom documents as desired to the presentation content.

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