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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dental office toolkit?

The Dental Office Toolkit® (DOT) can be utilized to view information and submit claims for the following Delta Dental entities: Where is the government (FGP) toolkit? The FGP toolkit will remain as-is until a later date. For now, you can access it here.

Do I need to re-register to use the new toolkit?

Failing to provide up-to-date and accessible contact information will require re-registration to use the new Toolkit. To ensure that the entered email address and phone number is locally and immediately accessible to you now and in the future, consider using the contact information of your dental office.

How do I Reset my toolkit password?

If you have forgotten your password select Forgot Password on the landing page and follow the new workflow which will send a one-time passcode to your email and enable you to reset your password. If you have forgotten your username, reach out to your account manager or contact Toolkit support.

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