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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is toptopell energy?

Topell Energy was founded in 2008 and developed a cutting edge patent-protected process for the torrefaction of biomass. Its technology was proven at industrial scale at its own demo plant in the Netherlands.

Why choose topell’s technology?

Topell’s technology has been recognized as a key enabling technology to unlock the industrial potential of biomass. The company has therefore received awards from institutions including the Cleantech Group, the World Economic Forum, Bloomberg New Energy Finance and the World Wildlife Fund.

Why choose Topel Forman?

“Dave embodies our core values of integrity, excellence, respect, and balance. and will continue driving the success of Topel Forman and lead this Firm into the next generation.” Topel Forman is closely monitoring the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its potential impact on our clients and staff.

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