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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access UC Davis CANVAS training services?

UC Davis has access to recorded and interactive online workshops on a variety of topics related to Canvas. The Training Services Portal is accessed via the “?” Help icon on the left side of any Canvas web page. For more information on using the portal check out the Training Services Portal Guide.

Who is the main administrator of UC Davis canvas?

As program manager for learning management systems, Todd Van Zandt is the main administrator of UC Davis Canvas. He was a student and IT employee at UC Davis, left for UC Merced where he became director of campus technologies, and returned here in 2016.

How do I sign in to my UC Davis email?

The Welcome tile is the place to start with myucdavis. You can sign in and sign out as well as access your campus mail with the "myEmail" link. Other options may be available depending on your campus affiliation.

Do I need to provide my passphrase to UC Davis?

UC Davis will never ask you to provide your passphrase via phone or email. A message that asks you to is probably a phishing scam. Delete it without responding. Be extremely waryof messages that ask you to enter your passphrase into a non-UC Davis website.

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