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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a psychological approach to foreign policy?

This approach focuses on the decision process, dynamics, and outcome, highlighting the role of psychological factors in foreign policy decision making. The book includes a wealth of extended real-world case studies and examples that are woven into the text.

How are foreign policy decisions made?

Most foreign policy decisions are made… Government agreements are known to be important sources for future policies in many different coalition countries. Moreover, they also limit policy initiatives from outside the government agreement.… ... ...

What is the best book on foreign policy decision making?

In Foreign Policy Decision-Making: Perceptions, Cognition, and Artificial Intelligence, ed. Sylvan, David and Chan, Steve Google Scholar. New York Praeger. Hermann, Margaret. 1999. Assessing Leadership Style: A Trait Analysis.

What can we learn from Mintz and DeRouen's book on foreign policy?

The volume by Mintz and DeRouen provides a concise synthesis of a large body of research on foreign policy decision making. It also adds a useful domestic political perspective by adducing evidence on the influence of the electoral cycle and the marketing of decisions to the public through framing.

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