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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the wheelchair rugby players at the Paralympic Games?

Melton, 42, has been playing wheelchair rugby since 2008 and made his first national team since 2012, but didn’t get his first chance at the Paralympic Games since 2016. After helping Team USA win silver, the native of Richview, Illinois, will be back for more hoping to secure gold. 9. Eric Newby (2.0)

What is Team USA Wheelchair rugby?

USA Wheelchair Rugby take on five Americas Zone nations March 9-13 at the Americas Wheelchair Rugby Championship in Medellin, Colombia. This is the first competition of the 2022 season for Team USA featuring a mix of new... more

Who are the most experienced Paralympic athletes?

Chuck Aoki (3.0) One of the most experienced members of Team USA, Aoki has two Paralympic medals to his name and has competed in three world championships. Aoki helped Team USA to the world championship in 2010 and bronze medals in 2014 and 2018.

Why did wheelchair rugby withdraw from the Canada Cup?

After successful preparations for Canada Cup, which will take place June 2-5 in Richmond, BC, USA Wheelchair Rugby has withdrawn from the competition due to positive COVID-19 tests prior to leaving the U.S. The team is... more

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