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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the slate better discord theme?

One of the highly customizable themes is the Slate Better Discord theme, developed by Tropical. The theme appears to be very neat and organized with a bonus of useful technical features.

How to download and install discord themes?

Open the Better Discord app and go to Better Discord Themes Library page. The library contains multiple unique themes. Choose whatever you like. Click on the “Download” button to download the theme file. How to install themes on Discord?

Is there a clear vision theme on better discord?

We would say that this theme resembles the Clear Vision theme on Better Discord since the developer has focused the theme majorly on customization. You can change the backgrounds, adjust the blur of the theme, change its color, and the brightness of the theme as per your desire.

What is the NOx discord theme?

The Nox Theme The Nox Better Discord Theme is a dark material theme. The theme gives a relaxing effect to the user’s eyes. You can say it is one fantastic theme for the users who have extended hours of screen time using Discord. Based on Google Material Design guidelines, the Nox theme has around 29 thousand downloads.

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