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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are weather radars?

Radar measures and works extremely accurately. So accurate, in fact, that precipitation can be predicted at a distance of a few hundred meters. This is despite the fact that many influencing factors such as local conditions or wind can affect the result of the radar image.

What is the best weather radar app?

RadarScope is one of the best weather radar apps available. It has a metric ton of data and is trusted among people who care about weather radars. It doesn’t use level 2 data like some believe, but it’s still better than most others. The app also has support for AllisonHouse subscribers if you want to go that route.

What is the best weather radar website?

Intellicast Another of the best online weather radar website is the Intellicast. This too, provides real-time data and updates on the weather, for any part of the world. You can either drag your mouse across the map and scroll, or you can just use the search bar on the top left corner, type out a location and find it in seconds.

What is the weather radar showing?

The weather radar live itself displays cloud cover, current precipitation, storms, thunderstorms or tornados in real-time. With the cursor at the bottom left in the center you can view the weather over time. By finger pressure or mouse click you can move the area on the map.

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