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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of card box do you use for a wedding?

You can use a traditional box, or you can go for a card holder that’s completely out-of-the-box, like a glass case or a mailbox. If you need wedding card box ideas for your reception, we’re here to help you. We’ve collected 23 of the most unique wedding card box ideas.

What can I do with leftover wedding card boxes?

20 Wedding Card Box Ideas You Can DIY. 1 1. Terrarium-Inspired Wedding Card Box. Credit: 2 2. Mailbox-Like Wedding Card Box. 3 3. Greenhouse Wedding Card Box. 4 4. Repurposed Craft Box Turned Wedding Card Box. 5 5. Diamond Card Box. More items

How do you make a card holder for a wedding?

If you’re about DIY wedding card holder ideas, try out this affordable one. Cut out parts for different box sizes from cardstock. Piece them together according to sizes. Make slits at the bottom of smaller ones and stack them together using glue. This way, cards fall into the bigger bottom.

How do you decorate an outdoor wedding gift box?

For their card box, the couple used a white vintage cage decoration, and they surrounded the card box with mason jars and small pink flowers. At this outdoor wedding, the couple covered the gift table with a purple tablecloth that matched the flowers in the bridal bouquet.

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