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Frequently Asked Questions

Which password manager is the most secure?

Zoho Vault is one of the most secured online password manager available in the market. It leverages the host-proof-hosting technique - a secure, proven mechanism, which has undergone extensive testing by security experts and has found wide acceptance.

How do you save passwords on your computer?

Open Internet Explorer, and click "Tools.". Click "Internet Options," and then select the "Content" tab. Click "Settings" under the "AutoComplete" heading. Locate the box that says "User names and passwords on forms" and click the box to check it.

How can I access my Google password?

Follow the steps below to change your Google account password manually: 1. Go to and log in to your account, if you haven’t already of course. 3. Then click on the “Password” button. 4. Now log in to your Google account one more time using your email address and current password.

How do you find stored passwords on a computer?

Click "Start," "Control Panel" to search your computer for the password. Click "User Accounts.". A dialog box will open. Click the account for which you would like to view the passwords. Click "Stored User Names" and "Passwords" or "Manage Your Network Passwords," depending on which platform of Windows you are using.

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