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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ricotta salata and what does it taste like?

Ricotta salata (salted ricotta) is an Italian cheese with a crumbly texture. It is made by salting, aging, and pressing fresh ricotta cheese. Sometimes called the Italian feta cheese, ricotta salata has a semi-firm texture and can be sliced, grated, or crumbled. What Does Ricotta Salata Taste Like?

What is a good substitute for ricotta salata?

Try using Feta cheese instead. Although feta is saltier and tangier, the texture is very similar to Ricotta Salata. If you'd like to stick with an Italian cheese, Pecorino Romano can also be used in place of Ricotta Salata. The Greek cheese Mizithra is also a decent substitute for Ricotta Salata.

What happens when you add salt to ricotta cheese?

With the addition of salt (hence, “salata”), two months of age, and some pressing, ricotta looses moisture and becomes crumbly. Ricotta Salata maintains a unique freshness, perhaps that milky quality of ricotta, but changes in texture, becoming dry and spongy, almost like an aged feta.

How do you use ricotta salata cheese?

It can be dolloped onto pasta or combined with sugar and spices to make desserts like cheesecake and Italian cannolis. On the other hand, ricotta salata should be used as a finishing cheese, to sprinkle on salads, soups, and other dishes for a salty bite.

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