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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a PST file?

The main advantage of using the PST extension is that it allows users to view and manage their email messages in one storage space. Without one central storage, emails would be spread out across different folders on a device, which can get messy. PST files make it easy to organize personal data and even find specific information later on.

What is a PST file and what is it used for?

PST stands for Personal Storage. So, a PST file is a personal data container that you can think of as a cross between a safe and a file folder. In the PST file, Outlook collects personal, synchronized user data, and stores it as a backup copy on the computer.

How do you create a PST file?

To create a PST file, you have to follow the steps: Open MS Outlook, click New Items, point to More Items ,and then click Outlook Data Files Give a name for the new PST file (click Add Optional Password if you want to create a password-protected PST file) and then click OK.

What is the maximum amount of data that a PST file can store?

Outlook PST files can store a lot of data and have leeway on the file size. The default storage is 2 GB, but it’s expandable to 20 GB, which is the PST size limit. To add storage, open the File Properties dialog box and click the Advanced button.

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