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Frequently Asked Questions

Is drumstick a superfood?

One such vegetable that deserves our attention is drumstick or Moringa that derives its name from a Tamil word, murungai, meaning twisted pod. While Moringa has been proclaimed as one the more recent superfoods, the fact is that this vegetable has been used in Indian cooking, especially in South Indian dishes for centuries.

What is Indian vegetable drumstick?

Moringa Oleifera Seed Pod - मोरिंगा ओलीफेरा Indian vegetable drumstick is an unusual vegetable not typically found in American Cuisine but common in Indian stews and cooking.

What is a drumstick tree?

Drumstick is a fast-growing tree and widely cultivated for its tender seed pod, leaves used as vegetable heaped with vital nutrients and as a medicine in Siddha for its indispensable medicinal properties. Moringa, a slender, deciduous tree grows to a height to 10-12 m and a trunk diameter of 45cm.

What are the edible parts of drumstick?

The edible parts of the drumstick are its leaves, stem, stalks and seed pods. They are used in various drumstick recipes such as curries, soup, pickles, salads and sambhar. The scientific name for drumstick is Moringa oleifera. In a serving of 100 grams of drumstick, the nutrients found are -

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