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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wikipedia speedrun?

Wikipedia Speedruns! Welcome to Wikipedia Speedruns! Goal of this game is simple. Try to get to one wikipedia page to another as fast as possible by clicking on the links in the page. Once you finish each prompt, you will get a chance to submit your time to the leaderboard!

What is speedrunning in the run series?

Speedrunning is the concept of beating a game or a part of a game in the least time possible. This page talks about how this concept can be applied to the Run Series. To beat the levels in the least time, you will need to avoid catching (changing gravity).

What are the different types of speedruns?

Speedruns are split into various categories, based on levels of completion and/or what glitches, if any at all, are used. The most common categories are as follows: Any%, or fastest completion, refers to completing the game as quickly as possible, and often involves sequence breaking.

Why do speedrun players record their attempts?

Players performing speedruns, called speedrunners, often record their attempts. These recordings are used to entertain others, to verify the completion time, to certify that all rules were followed, and to spot ways to further improve the completion time.

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