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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Wikipedia and Wikimedia?

The main difference between wiki and Wikipedia is that the former is actually a type of website or a website format. In contrast, Wikipedia is just a website that adheres to the Wiki format. website. At the heart of the Wiki system is the ability of users to edit or modify entries in the list.

What is the goal of Wikipedia?

Wikipedia's purpose is to benefit readers by acting as an encyclopedia, a comprehensive written compendium that contains information on all branches of knowledge. The goal of a Wikipedia article is to present a neutrally written summary of existing mainstream knowledge in a fair and accurate manner with a straightforward, '"just-the-facts style".

Are wiki wikapedia and WikiLeaks related?

Despite some popular confusion, related to the fact both sites use the " wiki " name and website design template, WikiLeaks and Wikipedia are not affiliated . Wikia , a for-profit corporation affiliated loosely with the Wikimedia Foundation , purchased several WikiLeaks - related domain names as a "protective brand measure" in 2007.

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