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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limitation to MusicBee on Windows 10?

My app of choice of Musicbee. Windows can't display the information outside of clients like Spotify or web players. I gotta use an add-on for it. Windows can display media info from any software that tells it to. The limitation is on Musicbee's side there. Thanks for the correction.

How do I import my music library to MusicBee?

Importing your music library to MusicBee is easy, and if you currently use either iTunes or Windows Media Player there's a simple wizard to automate the process. The files will be indexed, but won't actually be moved unless you select that option manually.

How does the music app work on Windows 11?

Its design aligns with Windows 11, including its icons, rounded corners, and general layout. Inside the app, you can browse and play music and create and manage playlists. It shows album art and artist imagery when it's in full screen mode and in its mini player window.

How does MusicBee work?

MusicBee searches your PC for music and enables you to add tracks from iTunes or Windows Media Player. Once everything has been added to your MusicBee library, the app's intelligent tagging system makes it easy to complete missing metadata using industry-standard formats, locate album art and find lyrics, which are displayed while a song plays.

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