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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call Microsoft support?

Microsoft Store Support Call 1-877-696-7786 for any issues with a purchase. If you live in the United States, dial the number and follow any prompts they give you. Let them know about any issues you’ve had with purchases, sales, or shopping with the Microsoft store. The representative will do everything they can to help you figure out the problem.

What is the Microsoft customer support phone number?

Microsoft Store Sales and Customer Support. Technical or download support. Bangladesh. 877-642-0419. Technical support. Brunei +673 1 800 6738. Technical support. Cambodia. 877-642-0422. Technical support. China. 4008822059. Technical support. Guam. 1-877-696-7786. Technical support. India (English) 0008004402127. Technical support. India (Hindi) 0008004402127. Technical support

Is windows 11 supported?

There’s no 32-bit build of Windows 11 available, so only computers with 64-bit processors will be able to run Windows 11. The first two methods will still perform requirements checks on your device.

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