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Frequently Asked Questions

Does words with friends work on the Kindle Fire?

Once the Kindle is on the home page make sure have a good wireless connection and may then go back into the app store, type in 'WORDS' and then select the Words with Friends app to reinstall on your Kindle Fire.

What is zyngawf on words with friends?

zyngawf is a default nickname the game gives to people who don't choose to enter a nickname... How do I go up a level in Words With Friends? You can level up by completing achievements to earn points or, as Words With Friends calls it, pages. The pages then go towards unlocking a book which counts as going up a level in the game.

Can you cheat in words with friends?

Use the Terminal on OS X. If your computer is a Mac, there is actually a built-in application that can be used to cheat at Words with Friends. Only use this method if you are familiar with using the Terminal application.

What does words with friends mean?

Words with Friends is an online word game by Zynga, much like the old favourite, Scrabble. Over recent months, this platform has become a haven for romance scammers via the chat facility within the app. If you adopt a policy of never responding to random chat messages in games, you will be perfectly safe. Is Words with Friends 2 safe?

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