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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does YRC Freight pay?

YRC Freight is known for having the best pay and benefits in the industry. 100% company-paid health care benefits and vacation time. Union contract pay rates: first-year road driver may earn up to $60,000 (paid by the mile), and P&D Drivers may earn an average of over $22 per hour.

Is Roadway Express now YRC?

Roadway Express, Inc. was an American trucking less than truckload trucking company. Roadway Express and its holding company, Roadway Corporation, were acquired by logistics holding company Yellow Corporation in 2003 and the parent companies were merged to form Yellow Roadway Corporation, later renamed YRC Worldwide. In 2009, Roadway Express was merged with YRC's other national LTL carrier, Yellow Freight, to form YRC, Inc.

Is there a tracking number on shipment?

Tracking Number, it is a combination of numbers or numbers and letters which represents an encoded information about the shipment. It is a unique ID number or code assigned to a package or parcel. The tracking code is represented on the shipping label usualy as a bar code number that can be read by the carrier service with a bar code reader.

How much does YRC Freight pay in Illinois?

The average YRC Freight salary ranges from approximately $30,000 per year for Regional Coordinator to $123,311 per year for Senior Manager. Average YRC Freight hourly pay ranges from approximately $11.36 per hour for Parking Attendant to $26.83 per hour for Area Manager.

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