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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track my YRC shipment?

Enter your YRC Tracking Number or Ref ID in the field. Click on the Track button to fetch the delivery status. Your YRC shipment progress will now be shown successfully. YRC Freight is an American freight shipping company that is part of YRC Worldwide INC. and provides shipping of industrial, commercial, and retail goods across North America.

Is YRC Freight a good LTL carrier?

“Inbound Logistics recognizes YRC Freight as a 2016 Top 100 Trucker for consistently providing premium service, reliability, scalability – the watchwords of supply chain professionals who need... Read more For the third time in five years, Walmart’s transportation executive team named YRC Freight its National LTL Carrier of the Year.

Does YRC deliver to North America?

YRC has a terminal system of over 250 terminals across North America, meaning that your shipment will be delivered safely and securely to almost any location in North America. You also get the option for guaranteed delivery to have your shipment delivered to its destination within a multi-day window or by 5 p.m.

What is the YRC standard service?

YRC specializes in providing solutions for different businesses across North America with a full-service network, advanced information technologies, and proactive customer service. When you have time on your side then you can choose the YRC’s budget-friendly Standard service that has got North America covered.

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