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What was life like in 1918?

Spanish flu quarantine: Life during 1918’s pandemic was just as weird as today. From atomizer crazes to stranded actor troupes to school by phone, daily life during the flu pandemic was a trip. In the 1940s, a Trans Pioneer Fought California for Legal Recognition. This Is How She Won. Last Fall, I Walked Into a Psych Ward and Asked to Be Locked In.

What historical events happened in 1918?

Sports HistoryJan 2 Montreal Arena in Westmount, Quebec, the home rink of 4-time Stanley Cup winners the Montreal Wanderers burns down leading to the club disbandingJan 3 US Employment Service opens as a unit of the Department of LaborJan 5 British premier Lloyd George demand for unified peace

What happened in 1918 in American history?

What Happened in 1918Battle Of Château-Thierry. ...Charlie Chaplin Marries Mildred Harris. ...Russian Civil War. ...Houdini Performs Vanishing Elephant Illusion at New York's Hippodrome Theatre. ...Minnie Pit Disaster. ...'Ulysses' is Serialized in The Little Review. ...Flu Pandemic of 1918. ...Louis Armstrong marries Daisy Parker. ...Operation Michael. ...Battle of Picardy. ...More items...

Why did the Allies win in 1918?

Why did the Allies win the war in 1918?Ryan Williams, Morgan Jones andHarry Merrifield JonesArtillery advantage. Even though America joined the war late, they gave a massive advantage to the Allies (Britain, France, soon to be America) when they did.

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