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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the president and CEO of AEW?

AEW president and CEO Tony Khan announced on November 2 that Moxley had made the decision to enter an inpatient alcohol treatment program. Khan wrote that AEW was supporting Moxley however they could and looked forward to when Moxley would eventually be able to return.

How long has the AEW been in existence?

It's hard to believe that AEW has only been in existence since January 2019, yet, in three short years, it has managed to change the landscape of professional wrestling in the US.

Is there a talent exchange between WWE and AEW?

In fact, WWE may be a little more cordial with AEW these days, and that could include a new policy that allows some non-WWE talent to wrestle or the company. Though it’s doubtful that fans will ever see a full-blown or long-term talent exchange between the two sides, now seems like a better time than ever to make that happen.

How much is live AEW in the UK?

Fite is also the home for live AEW pay-per-views in the UK, with Revolution taking place on March 6. AEW pay-per-views are priced at $19.99 on Fite with unlimited replays.

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