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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between infant and baby?

Difference between Infant and Child. Key Difference: ' Infant' is used to refer to a very young offspring of a human. Generally, infants include a child from 9 days old to less than 12 months. 'Child' is used to refer to a young person before the onset of puberty or below the legal age of majority.

Is infant and newborn the same thing?

Generally, the terms baby and child are considered the same, however there is a clear cut difference between them. The difference between a baby and a child is based on its growth and the age of the baby. A baby is generally used for a child from birth to age 4, while a child is any infant from three month to one year old.

How long is a baby considered a newborn?

BEST ANSWER From looking around online, I found somewhere that says, "'Newborn' refers to babies under three months of age." Newborns or neonates are babies up to 28 days. They're called infants after that. They say a baby is considered a newborn until 3 months, and then they're considered an infant.

How do you care for an infant?

Place your newborn in a sitting position, facing forward on your lap. Support your baby with one hand on the baby’s front and lean him or her forward slightly. Gently pat your baby’s back to release air from the tummy. Listen for the slight burping sound.

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