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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should a decent beginner banjo cost?

However, you might purchase a cheaper banjo, and might need to change to a better banjo with time, which may cost you more in the long run. While you can purchase a decent beginner's banjo for around $250 - $270, it won't be as sturdy, reliable, and sonorous as would a higher-end banjo.

What is a good beginner banjo?

Why the Deering Goodtime is a great beginner banjo. The most popular of the Goodtime series is the Goodtime open back for $399 and the Goodtime 2 resonator model at $599. This is an incredible sounding instrument for this price range, and in many cases these banjos are far better that what you would get in some higher priced banjos.

Where can I buy banjo?

There are many places you can purchase banjos, including music stores and on-line music stores. You can do a search for banjos on Google, or you can ask for recommendations from people who play banjo. You can visit our sponsoring website, Bluegrass Shack Productions, as well.

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