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Frequently Asked Questions

Does David Copperfield have any brothers or sisters?

He does not have any siblings. David Copperfield's Spouses and Partners David was in a long term relationship with world famous supermodel, Claudia Schiffer for a period of six years. They were even engaged.

How David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear?

David Copperfield makes the statue of liberty disappear. The audience can see the statue of liberty through the pillars. The curtain then comes up to block the audiences view. The live audience is on a secret swiveling platform that rotated slowly to the side of the statue.

What is a short summary of David Copperfield?

Short Summary of "David Copperfield"by Charles Dickens. As a result, his mother marries again and his step father gives the little child a very hard time. His step father believes that being weak in studies, David needs full attention. After being frustrated by his father, little David one day bites him.

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