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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of an editorial?

“An editorial is nonfiction; in paragraph form; punctuation is necessary; its purpose is to inform, persuade, or to comment; and it’s found in newspapers, magazines, TV, and online.” “Editorial: non-fiction piece of writing that is used to inform, persuade, and give an

What does editorial mean?

What is an editorial? An editorial is a short essay that shares an individual's opinion on a current event or social issue. The goal of a good editorial is to persuade the reader to consider your perspective and change their opinion. Editorials often focus on controversial issues with widely different viewpoints.

What is the definition of editorial?

Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word Editorial. An article in a publication giving the opinion of its editors on a given topic or current event. A similar commentary on radio or television. Of, or relating to an editor, editing or an editorial. Appropriate for high fashion magazines.

What to write in an editorial?

Writing an Editorial. 1. Choose a significant topic that might pique the readers curiosity, having a current news angle. 2. Even if you are just going to write an editorial piece, it is important to conduct thorough and detailed research. 3. Keep your opinion short and simple. Present it like a thesis statement. 4.

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