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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your favorite questions?

"What's Your Favorite" Questions List Nature and Travel. Favorite color? ... Food and Drink. Favorite meal out, ever? ... Hobbies and Entertainment. Favorite car I've owned? ... People and Family. Favorite conversation I've ever had with a person? ... Memories. My favorite patriotic experience? ... Hypothetical Questions. ... Employment/Volunteer Work. ... Olfactory. ... Pets and Animals. ... Material Items and Beauty. ...

How do I remove things from my favorites list?

Right-click a bookmark or sub-folder, and then press Delete to remove it. To remove multiple items, however, you must get to the Favorites on your Windows user account. ... Double-click the Favorites folder, use hold Ctrl while left-clicking to select multiple items, and then press Delete.

How do you print favorites list?

Print your Internet Explorer Favorites. Open Internet Explorer, click File on the menu bar and then click 'Import and Export'. The Import/Export wizard opens, click Next which brings up a list of things you can do. Select 'Export Favorites, and click Next which shows you a list of all the folders contained in Favorites. To export every...

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