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Frequently Asked Questions

What is skin gambling and how does it work?

If you like esport games but haven't tried skin gambling, you been missing out on a very amusing game, especially if you have a lot of skins. Skin gambling involves exchanging skins you got from games such as CS: GO, Dota 2 or PUBG by using SkinPay, you turn your skins into a payment method in order to play on different betting sites.

Which sites should I open an account on for skin gambling?

We recommend that you only open accounts on sites that offer SkinPay for skin gambling. There are several reasons for this, but to name a few, you can take a look at the following reasons: Most sites that use SkinPay are registered and licensed igaming companies which means you can be sure that games are not rigged

What is CSGO skins gambling site csgowild?

Earlier in May this year, FaZe Banks revealed publicly of his involvement in running a CSGO skins gambling site that failed to restrict minors from engaging in betting-related activities on his venture. Known as CSGOWild, it is one of the many CSGO skins betting sites that Valve has taken past legal actions against.

Is skin gambling legal without age verification?

There are still several sites that offer skin gambling and betting without the need to verify age. However, these pages are illegal and can be shut down at any given time which can lead to loss of winnings.

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