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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of interior design services?

Types There are specific types of interior design and specializations. Some types of interior design are residential design, commercial design, hospitality design, healthcare design, universal design, exhibition design, and spatial branding.

What skills are needed for interior design?

Interior designers use their skills to make interior spaces appealing and functional. They work with clients and other design professionals to understand how the interior space will be used and what the ambience should represent. To be successful as an interior designer, you need education, communication skills and a bit of innate creativity.

What is full service interior design?

full service Design. full-service, in-home design for renovations or new builds. Custom-designed rooms and homes, from top to bottom. Services include, but are not limited to, paint and material selection, kitchen and bath design concepts, furniture, accessories, and textiles selection. I am happy and comfortable working with builders from the very beginning of the design process for custom builds, can come on board to help select materials for a semi-custom build, or happy to help you ...

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