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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Iowa Lottery?

The Iowa Lottery was launched in 1985. Iowa is a founding member of the Multi-State Lottery Association, and started selling Lotto America tickets in 1988. The state added Powerball to its portfolio in 1992, and Mega Millions in 2010. Since its inception, the Iowa Lottery has contributed billions of dollars toward various state initiatives.

How does the Iowa Lottery give back?

They help Iowa veterans and their families through the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund. They help the families of Iowa peace officers, firefighters and corrections employees who die in the line of duty. And they provide help for a variety of significant projects through the state General Fund. Learn more about how the Lottery Gives Back.

What is the largest Powerball jackpot in Iowa?

The largest Powerball jackpot won in Iowa so far was in October 2018. Lerynne West of Redfield claimed a $343.9 million Powerball prize. West's ticket split the $687.8 million Powerball jackpot in the Oct. 27 drawing with a ticket purchased in New York. *The advertised jackpot is based on prize payment as an annuity.

Did a mistake while printing a Mega Millions ticket lead to Iowa man?

A mistake that occurred while printing a Mega Millions lottery ticket led to an Iowa man winning a $1 million second-tier prize. One loyal Iowa Lottery player is reliving the moment he won the lottery after bagging his second major prize within two years.

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