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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the specialty drinks at Mexica?

At Mexica Kitchen & Cantina, you can find plenty of specialty drinks, including tequilas, margaritas, and of course Cervezas! At aour location, you can expect a great Happy Hour and different specials. Join us in the warmer months for an outdoor dining experience.

What is the difference between the Mexica and the Aztecs?

Aztecas is the proper term for the people who left Aztlan; Mexicas for the same people who (combined with the other ethnic groups) in 1325 founded the twin settlements of Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco in the Basin of Mexico.

What are some popular dishes from Mexica cuisine?

Fresh grilled chicken breast. Perfectly grilled seasoned steak. Slowly roasted and marinated pork. Delicious meat flavored with Mexican herbs steamed until tender. Mixed seasoned grilled vegetales. Tender cut grilled steak, limed, cilantro spices. 1 crispy corn or soft tortilla with any meat, rice and beans.

What is the Mexica people's history?

The Mexica were a migrant people from the desert north who arrived in Mesoamerica in the 1300s. This previously nomadic tribe was not welcomed by the local inhabitants who viewed them as inferior and undeveloped. Legend tells that as a result the Mexica wandered waiting for a sign to indicate where they should settle.

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