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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Norton on my computer?

Installing Norton To New Computer – Open Your Browser And Type In The URL Or Go this Link Login To Your Norton Account If It’s Not Already Logged In Using Same Email and password. Go to My Norton and Select Your Norton Product. Download The Norton and Run The Application.

How much does Norton cost per year?

$9.99 per month for first year (renews at $14.99 per month) $99.99 per year (renews at $149.99 per year) This plan also includes Norton 360 services to provide protection for your devices. For the first year, the pricing is the same as the Standard plan.

How long does it take Norton to download?

Norton Product Installation. Download & Install The download process should begin automatically. If it does not, click the Start Download button. Follow the instructions on the screen until the download is complete. This should take about 8 minutes with a broadband connection and may take longer with dial-up. on.

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