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Frequently Asked Questions

What sports are in the Paralympics?

Six sports are played in the Paralympic Games: para alpine skiing, para biathlon, para cross-country skiing, para ice hockey, para snowboard and wheelchair curling. Events include all the usual suspects, from the many variations of downhill and slalom skiing to snowboard cross and more.

How many Paralympic sports are there?

Paralympic Games Sports. Athletes compete in up to 22 Sports at the Summer Paralympics and 6 at Winter Paralympics, as listed below. Within many of the sports are several disciplines or events, with the number and kinds of events changing from one Paralympic Games to another. There are currently six Winter Paralympic sports, with 80 events in total.

What is a Paralympic sport club?

Through Paralympic Sports Clubs, which operate on the local level, U.S. Paralympics provides sports and recreation opportunities for people with physical and visual disabilities, with an emphasis on youth, injured service members, and veterans.

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