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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Colombian flag symbolize?

The explanation for the symbols of the Colombian Flag. The yellow band is twice as wide as the other two ones. Like many flags that use red, it refers to the blood shed by the Colombians for independence and freedom. Yellow, as in Brazilian s flag, represents the country's mineral wealth, mostly gold.

What do the symbols on the Colombia flag mean?

The most common explanation of the flag's colors say that the yellow represents abundance and wealth of our country; blue symbolizes the two oceans that bathe the Colombian coasts; and red represents both the blood spilled by the liberators and the blood that feeds the heart, universal symbol of love.

What are the colors of the Colombia flag?

Colombian Flag Description: The Colombian flag consists of three horizontal stripes - the top stripe is yellow; the middle stripe is blue; and the bottom stripe is red. The yellow stripe is larger and is half of the width (height) of the flag. The blue and red stripes are each one quarter of the flag's width.

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